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Why winterize your boat?

The alternative could sink you.

Full-Service Boat Yard

Click here to see our winterization checklist.

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Mechanical Welding & Metal Fabrication
Fiberglass & Gelcoat Repairs Hull Maintenance
Sand Blasting & Painting Haul Out & Storage
Winterization Shrink Wrapping
Spring Maintenance

Storm Chasers Marine Services, Inc.Family owned and operated, Storm Chasers Marine is a full-service boat yard. We have 16 acres of waterfront with storage space for up to 150 boats and trailers with water and power. We have complete repair and maintenance services for power and sail boats to meet any need.

We have the resources and technology to provide the kind of care your boat needs.

We offer competitive pricing, pride ourselves on service, and we promise to deliver the highest quality goods at the best possible prices. All our work is 100% guaranteed, and we're committed to delivering our work with speed, courtesy, and reliability.

Storm Chasers carries a full array of marine parts and accessories and is an authorized sales and service center for Honda Marine, Tohatsu, Cummins, MerCruiser, Westerbeke, Universal, Crusader, Velvet Drive, and Interstate Batteries.

Storm Chasers Marine Services, Inc.Mechanical
Whether it is regular maintenance, repairs, or a major refit, you can be confident that all work is completed on time, in a professional manner and at a reasonable price. Our staff continually keeps abreast of new and innovative aspects of yacht repair and maintenance. To stay on top of the latest technology and recommended service techniques, all of our mechanical staff regularly attends factory training.

To help prevent emergency repairs, our technicians are quick to identify scheduled maintenance tasks to keep your systems running smoothly. We believe in the fact that keeping up with a preventative maintenance schedule is vital for preventing failure during the boating season.

Gas and diesel engine service, repair, and rebuild Storm Chasers Marine Services, Inc.

Storm Chasers Marine Services, Inc.
Battery charging systems
Fuel systems
Stern drive units
Injector repair and adjustment
Steering systems
Exhaust and manifold service
Trailer repair
Strut, shaft, and rudder repair
  And much more…
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Welding and Metal Fabrication
Our welding department has ASME, AWS, USCG, and ABS certified welders and a metal working shop to meet any welding needs.

From custom handrails and radar arches to structural repairs on 150’ vessels, we can do anything you need. We have the capability for MIG, TIG, and ARC welding on aluminum, steel, stainless steel, bronze, or brass. With our plasma cutters we can shear metal with high accuracy. We can also weld underwater if these services are needed.

Storm Chasers Marine Services, Inc.

Storm Chasers Marine Services, Inc.
Large structural repairs Hull damage
Custom fabrication Plate replacement
Radar arches Hand rails

Storm Chasers Marine Services, Inc.Fiberglass and Gelcoat Repairs
Our fiberglass technicians can fabricate new parts or rebuild damaged areas of your boat. Our on-staff, skilled professionals can repair your boat to its original strength and cosmetic appearance. Storm Chasers provides complete blister and bottom re-lamination services, infused hull repair services, and complete core replacements. We carry a full line of fiberglass and gelcoat supplies.

Blister repair Fiberglass damage
Relamination Core repair
Gelcoat restoration  

Hull Maintenance
Our professional paint crew will give your vessel the utmost care and attention whether you need yearly maintenance or hull and topside painting.

Bottom paint
Topside paint
Storm Chasers Marine Services, Inc.

Storm Chasers Marine Services, Inc.

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Storm Chasers Marine Services, Inc.Sandblasting and Painting
For larger commercial vessels, sandblasting and painting are necessary. We have several large commercial sandblasters, compressors, and airless sprayers.

We have completely sandblasted and painted vessels up to 120’.


Storm Chasers Marine Services, Inc.Haul Out and Storage
We have several different methods with which we can haul out almost any vessel up to 250 tons. These include our 20 ton hydraulic trailer which can haul out power boats up to 36’ long, our 40 ton hydraulic trailer that can haul out power and sail boats up to 70’ long, and a 250 ton travelift.

Storm Chasers Marine Services, Inc.

We are building a launch ramp at our waterfront boat yard for the trailers and we use the Seward Marine Industrial Center’s (SMIC) yard for the 250 ton travelift. We are one of the few authorized contractors for the SMIC area.

20-ton hydraulic trailer
40-ton hydraulic trailer
250-ton travelift
Storm Chasers Marine Services, Inc. Storm Chasers Marine Services, Inc.

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Storm Chasers Marine Services, Inc.Winterization
Preparing your boat for the winter season is a lot more than just hauling and storing. Properly preparing for winter storage will make it easier to get back into the water when spring finally arrives again.
Our Winterizing Package will do just that and includes the following:
Fog engines Drain water tanks
Apply preservative treatment Winterize head
Drain coolants Shrink-wrapping
Winterize batteries    
Click here to see our winterization checklist.

Storm Chasers Marine Services, Inc.Shrink Wrapping
Shrink-wrapping is a ventilated, thick, form fitting plastic cover for your boat that will protect your boat from harsh winter elements such and wind, rain, snow, and ice. We build a frame for each boat that creates the perfect angle to shed snow. No shoveling all winter long!

In addition, zipper doors can be installed to provide access into boat and damp humidifiers are available to further reduce moisture that can cause mildew. We only use the best quality shrink wrap and professionally-trained shrink wrap technicians.

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Storm Chasers Marine Services, Inc.Spring Maintenance
Minimize your boating downtime! Get your boat back in the water and be assured of its reliable and seaworthy condition right from the start of the season. Storm Chasers will prepare your winterized boat for a season of pleasurable, safe boating.
The professionals at Storm Chasers will:
Add fresh coolant Inspect all belts and hoses
Check and charge all batteries Start and run engines
Add fresh oil and lubricants    
Click here to see our spring maintenance checklist.

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