Haul Out and Storage
We have several different methods with which we can haul out almost any vessel up to 250 tons. These include our 20 ton hydraulic trailer that can haul out power boats up to 36’ long, our 40 ton hydraulic trailer that can haul out power and sail boats up to 70’ long, and a 250 ton travelift.

Storm Chasers Marine Services, Inc.

We are building a launch ramp at our waterfront boat yard for trailers, and we use the Seward Marine Industrial Center’s (SMIC) yard for our 250 ton travelift. We are one of the few authorized contractors for the SMIC area.

20-ton hydraulic trailer
40-ton hydraulic trailer
250-ton travelift
Storm Chasers Marine Services, Inc.Storm Chasers Marine Services, Inc.

Storm Chasers Marine Services, Inc.Winterization
Preparing your boat for the winter season is a lot more than just hauling and storing. Properly preparing for winter storage will make it easier to get back into the water when spring finally arrives again.
Our Winterizing Package will do just that and includes the following:
Fog enginesDrain water tanks
Apply preservative treatmentWinterize head
Drain coolantsShrink-wrapping
Winterize batteries

Click here to see our winterization checklist.